How to show "Display Name" on the module instead?


I have created "Display Name" with formula inside. How to show this "display" name on the Module I created instead of the regular list (on the left)


  • Hi @CommunityMember87191 ,

    • The display name is assigned from the property of the list (which you choose from the general lists menu)
    • You cannot have separate display names (one for list and another for modules). Display name of a list is same through out the model
    • In this case, it appears that "Cost Center Name" is assigned as your display name property. However, since you want the "Display Name" itself, please assign "Display Name" as your display name property (in the general lists menu as shown below:



  • Hi @CommunityMember87191,

    Display Name Property can only be used in case of numbered lists. If you're using a non-numbered list, you won't be able to show another property as its display name.