How do I add the name of the parent to a list?


I want to have the name of the Parent shown in each row in a column of a list. How can I achieve this?


  • matthewreed
    edited March 2023

    Hi Samdal,

    There are two ways to achieve this depending on what 'name' you are trying to return. Both would be by inserting a list ‘property’, via the ‘Properties’ tab when viewing your list:

    You then have two types of the Parent name you could bring through. If you want the name of the Parent in the list format, you would select the Parent List under the Format of the property, then just add the PARENT formula: PARENT(ITEM(‘Child List Name’))

    Alternatively if you are wanting to return the name of the Parent as Text, you can then use the NAME formula to reference the name of the parent of each list item: NAME(PARENT(ITEM(‘Child List Name’))).

    I should add, that you do want to avoid using list properties where possible and using a Systems module to return this kind of information in the same way.

  • samdal

    Thank you for thorough and excellent answer to a beginner in Anaplan!