Level 1 activity 3 ... look up returning double desired amount


i understand what my problem is but i cant seem to solve it

i am using a look up to link 2 modules together see below

'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes[LOOKUP: 'SYS04 Location Details'.Country]

However i am not able to find a module that contains a list of locations i can map my look up to, the above is returning the double of what i need as it is mapping to country totals

Just need a steer please …do i need to create anither module which refs location list?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hello @Widenoy786 ,

    I have just read your question and I am a bit confused about what you are asking.

    DATA02 is dimensioned by 'G3 Location' and 'P3 SKU'. As such, it aggregates automatically from Location into Country, doesn't it?

    What are you exactly trying to achive?


  • Hi

    its aggregating by country and not by Location

    you see at the bottom of the second image it taking Japan total 640 twice instead of each location individually

  • i cant seem to find anything (module or list) that i can use in my lookup to reference location

  • Hello @Widenoy786 ,

    Are you using the formula you presented above - including the lookup?

    If so, that is the problem. Anaplan autoaggregates the data when you are moving up the hierarchy. As you are using the LOOKUP, you are telling Anaplan that for each location within Japan it should take 640.

    Just remove the lookup and it will work.


  • Hi

    sorry i do not get it

    is this what you are suggesting? the formual is not completing if i try

  • Thank you so so much i think i was over complicating the issue by trying to use a look up which reffed the country as you said. please accpet this virtual beer from me!! thanks