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Hello fellow Anaplanners,

I'm working on a module that has an Approved FTE by month. But the user can go adjust it through a form and add/subract FTEs as needed. It is working great for the current month. Meaning( Mar 2023 has 2 FTE for Job A. User adds 1 more for Mar 2023. I have a Final FTE line item that sums the 2 and gives correct result as 3 FTE for Mar 2023)

Now I would like it to continue as 3 FTE in all future months. I've tried all sorts of ways but just can't get it to stick.

Any thoughts?

*PRF stands for Personnel Request form. APP FTE at top is the initial budget. APP - PRF is the change that comes from UX. Final APP PRF is a sum.

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  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @DeepakK,

    I am not entirely sure I have understood the requirement because I am reading 3 and seeing 1.9 in the image. However, I have created the following which hopefully can help you getting to your goal:


    • APP FTE = 0.9
    • APP - PRF (manually input) : Monthly input whenever there are changes, if not the value gets carried forward.
    • Final - PRF : IF 'APP - PRF (manually input)' <> 0 THEN 'APP - PRF (manually input)' ELSE IF Control <> 0 THEN Control ELSE 'APP - PRF (manually input)'
    • Final - APP PRF = APP FTE + 'Final - PRF'
    • Control: IF PREVIOUS('APP - PRF (manually input)') = 0 THEN PREVIOUS(Control) ELSE PREVIOUS('APP - PRF (manually input)')

    Please let me know if that is not helpful!


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez


  • Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati
    edited March 2023


    U can adjust your Final APP PRF formula like this if you're working on Budgeting Scenario : -

    IF Actual Months then Actual Months Final APP PRF ELSE IF APP PRF <> 0 and Budget Starting Month then APP FTE + APP - PRF Else Previous(Final APP PRF) + APP - PRF

    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • Sorry, I had to work on some other client requirements. Just tried this out today.

    @BrunoRodriguez Your solution works really well. Thanks! Now the issue I'm facing is if the user makes another adjustment down the line. The numbers don't come together and keep adding up later on.

  • @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati

    Thanks for the info. I will try this and let you know. Not sure if I need this now. I don't set up versions in this model.

  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    Happy to help.

    If that is the issue you can always try a cumulate or LI + previous for the last item.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thank you both. These solutions worked and I was able to get a carry forward. Appreciate it.

  • @BrunoRodriguez Thank You.