Level 3 - % question

I am getting the exact same amounts are per the screen shot from the training. Why does your % show as 105? If i leave mine the way i have it would that cause me any issues with the training downstream?

Thank you

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  • AjayM
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    No, your usage of the % looks good and hence your output matched with that of screenshot.
    My statement is just an alert to keep in mind if & when you use this % anywhere else :)


  • Hi @[email protected] ,

    Since this is a percentage 'increase', it has to be applied over and above the baseline forecast. Meaning, initial target would be baseline forecast * (1 + increase%).
    You have applied this directly within the formula of initial country sales target, while some might have created a different lineitem to show "1 + increase%". This won't have any downstream impact as long as you are applying the % correctly.


  • Hi @AjayM

    Firstly, thank you very much for the quick replay.

    If i am not applying the % correctly, i would not match to the screen shot they gave us in the training, right? I was fine with your answer untill i read "as long as you are applying the % correctly". Did you notice something wrong that I am not seeing?

    Thank you