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My numbers seem a little off anything you can suggest ? (last screenshot)


  • Hi,

    I would recommend checking line item 'First Week of Timescale?' SYS01 Time Settings By Week. That seems to be true for first week of each month and it resets your Beginning Inventory to value in DAT01 Beginning Inventory. I think the line item should be true only for one week that would be the first week of the timescale.

  • Hello,

    Settings below any idea how to properly adjust it does reflect first week checkbox forumlas below.


  • Hi,

    Formula for that line item could be 'START() = CURRENTPERIODSTART()'

  • Hello this fixed part of the problem.

    However I am still have a variance of 2 with below fields if you can assist ?

    Forecast Demand

    Suggested order amount

    ending inventory

  • In Anaplan example model there is an override done for Nutso_bar_EN and account Candyate to value of 62 on week 2 FY 20. If you don't have that override done that makes up the difference between your model and Anaplan example screenshot.

  • The comment above is correct. The example screenshot used in the training is based off an override that was put into the DEM03 Demand Forecast Module earlier in the training series and is the reason the numbers from the OP are out by 2.