Negative Balance in the Beginning Inventory


Hello Everyone !

I have an issue in the Sprint 3 of the training level 2. In fact, my beginning inventory have a negative balance, as you can see in the following picture. However, my formulas seems good. I don't understand.

Can you help me ? Thanks, 😅


  • Hi,

    I would recommend to check formula for beginning inventory and how you get beginning inventory for the first week of the calendar. Your current if statement the previous ending inventory during first year of the model and beginning inventory otherwise. In pseudosyntax your formula in Beginning Inventory should say

    IF First Week of Model? THEN Beginning Inventory Input ELSE PREVIOUS(Ending Inventory) .

    Hope this helps 😊 Let me know if any questions or doubts.

  • WilliamVERHILLE
    edited March 2023

    Ok many thanks

    but I think I have still an issue because now the beginning inventory remain the same week after week 🤔

    How it is :

    How it should be (according the example in the level 2 activity) :

  • Problem solved, I have use the wrong line item. Thanks !