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Hi all,

I just had another query related to my previous one. with the help of an expert I was able to capture the next month on my time system settings. Now I need to capture the Time period into text formatted line item. i need to convert the line item Month text 2 into text formatted for Month (text 2)+1 line item. so above Mar 19 I need to have the MARCH there. I tried Name(Item(Month(Text 2)) formula and it did not work.

any thoughts?



  • AjayM
    edited March 2023

    Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,

    You don't need 'item' function within 'name' function in your formula. Please try simply name(Month(Text 2)). It should give you "Mar 19" in text format. However, if you want this to be full month name, you might need to build a mapping module (dimensioned by time) to establish full month names and refer that lineitem here.

  • Hi,

    to get name of the month as March you need to start by creating a list with months as names and 1-12 as code. Example shown in screenshot below:

    Next you can finditem from this list with month number and lastly you can convert list item to text with NAME function. Formulas and results shown in screenshots below: