Level 3 - Ask the Stakeholders - Designating Sales Reps to Accounts Process Questions

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Level 3 - Ask the Stakeholders
Designating Sales Reps to Accounts Process Questions

This forum is for asking the stakeholders of the Unicorn Candy Company questions about the Designating Sales Reps to Accounts Process.  The Anaplan Academy team will be monitoring this forum during US Central standard business hours. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response. 

The purpose of this forum is to clarify details regarding the business processes. Questions about model building will be removed from the forum. 

Previously asked questions:

Q: How do we calculate monthly commission from quarterly commission - Is this simple division?
A: We need to be very precise with these numbers or else Karen from Accounting will yell at me.  We need to calculate the number of days in a month, and divide it by the total number of days in the quarter.  

Q: Can you tell me the specific format required for the exported monthly commission forecast file? What type of delimiter and what columns and order is Finance expecting?
A: Finance needs the Employee Code along with their commission for each month. The format should only show months, and not have quarterly values.  It should also only include sales reps.



  • Will it always be the case for country sales ops managers that they can input/adjust/change for territories/accounts within their country, but can still view all other countries info for this exercise?

  • @katehw A Country Sales Operations Manager needs to be able to make changes to assignments within the country for which they are responsible. They do not need to view data for other countries.

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    @basketball stars Thank you for your support. I'm new here and I'm also having this problem.

  • @heardle Here is the answer to your question from yesterday, please read carefully