Get monthly value for base year selected



I have a module (dimesioned monthly) in which I need the base year values. The user selects the base year.

I have created a seperate module in which the user can select the base year. However, when I am using the base year in the lookup, I am getting the full year value, instead of monthly value.


if user selects 2022 as base then

JAN23 FEB23 MAR23 …………………..

Value 100 120 110

Base Value 90 115 105 (jan 22, feb 22, mar 22 values)



Best Answers

  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @shubhamrawat ,

    It looks like you are allowing the user to have a dropdown line item dimensioned by year and then applying a lookup into that year. As a result, you are getting the total for that year as en entry for every month.

    You would need something as follows:

    I hope the above makes sense!


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • shubhamrawat

    Hi @BrunoRodriguez

    Thank you so much, it works :)