Level 2, Import Data into G1 Region List



I am having a hard time trying to import the code. Sorry for the large screenshot. I am still new using PCs. My apple died. This is from my Build Region, however, it falls under SYS05 Region Details. I might have done some wrong in that area.

Please help as I am running out of time.


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  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @KatzCharland ,

    Have you defined G1 as parent of G2 and G2 as parent of G3?

    Once you import the data in, you should be able to identify parent and code.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • pyrypeura
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    Hi Katherine,

    I think problem is that Anaplan doesn't accept duplicate names and you already have same item without code in your list. Cause of existing item not having code it doesn't realise that these are the same item as you have set your "Items uniquely idenitified by" to code. Because of this you get invalid name error message. I would either clear the list to get to do a fresh load or then set items uniquely identified by setting to name to get items to be identified by name column instead of code.


  • Thank you. I will try it.

  • Bruno,

    Yes, I thought I did, however, it is always good to recheck. So, for whatever reasons I am not able to import the code.

    Would I have done something wrong when saving the save view. I did follow the activity.


  • Hello @KatzCharland,

    Thanks for the images!

    Ok, based in the error it says invalid name. My first thought would be that you are trying to create items with the same name and different code.

    Would it be the case? Do you currently have items in the list and are you trying to import new items with the same name or do you have multiple items in the import with the same name?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez