I am using this formula for ending inventory:

Ending Inventory = Beginning Inventory + Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt- Forecast Demand 

but i am getting the following error message:

'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Ending Inventory has NUMBER format but the formula resolves to BOOLEAN format

Please help!


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  • matthewreed
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    Hi @Divyam26,

    This error is because the formula is returning a value that does not match the Format of the Line Item where you have entered the formula.

    In this example you would want to make sure your 'Ending Inventory' line item has a format of 'Boolean', as the error is telling you it's currently set to 'Number'. The format of the line item can be changed in blueprint mode, by clicking these threed dots in the 'Format' column.

    If you are not trying to return a Boolean result, remember that you don't need to detail the Line Item at the start of your formula as this is implied. So if you are trying to just return the numeric result of 'Beginning Inventory' + 'Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt' - 'Forecast Demand', you do not need 'Ending Inventory =' at the start of your formula. Hope this assists.


  • Thanks a lot!

    Since I was not trying to return a boolean value, I just had to not detail the line item at the start of the formula, just like you said and it works perfectly now.