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Hello all,

I have a hierarchy that has Cost Center → Jobs. A Center can have several jobs.

I have a dashboard where a user can add a new FTE for a job. When they select a center, it should show only the jobs that come from there. Right now, I have a form that they can fill out and when they select a center, it shows all jobs available across the entire company.

Do you know any way to restrict the jobs in a form? In the example, Housekeeping is the Center. But it is showing jobs from our retaurant called Monkey Business. This should all be greyed out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Hi @DeepakK

    It actually looks like a bug in Anaplan, as while creating it displays everything and ignores dependent dopdown but in the module grid after creation, it works fine.

    You can raise it to support team or post it on idea exchange.


  • @DeepakK Have you used dependant dropdown option ?

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  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    As mentioned above, you ideal option is to set-up a dependent dropdown. I imagine that if you want to narrow the amount of options given, you have a module where you are mapping those limitations, correct?

    If so, you just need to go into the line item "Job Name" in the module that you are using to drive "Create New Personnel Request" and in format, tick dependent dropdown. This should work either if you are creating items in that list both through a module or through a list.

    For further reference, please check the video in this link.

    Hope that helped!

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hello all,

    Thanks for those suggestions. I got the dependent dropdown working the way I want. I have over 250 Job codes, so I just did a sample to test.

    I think you're right that we can't get it into the form. I would need to make a new dashboard where I can show the 2 lists and then write back to the module.

    I'll keep working on this and let you know how I got to end result.