Anaplan Connect using BatchScript For Windows-How to extract txt file from bat script in VDI Server?


Hi All-

I am trying to execute on batch script using Anaplan Connect.

My Requirement is i want to extract txt file from the batch script (Extract means result of entire batch script).

As per requirement i had created one batch script and tested in my windows system, it's working fine to me. Command listed below:

Same script i'm trying to executing on VDI Machine/Server , i'm getting an error like "Access Denied". i thought this is an access issue so that i contacted to the IT Team, they have checked my access but access looks good.

Wanted to know why i'm getting this error, Any comments/Answers would be very Appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Sivaprasad Peram

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  • anirudh
    Answer ✓

    Hi Siva,

    Can you run the batch script as an administrator in the server?

    Also can you try inputting the whiole path instead of just BUOutput.txt

    replace it with X:\pmserver_aed\SrcFiles\……..\BUOutput.txt