Level 3 - User Story 1.6


First the story tells me about Final Account Sales Targets aggregated for each country’s small, medium and large segments.

Second (in the Model Build Specification) i am told to create a sum of all accounts' sales revenue targets for the accounts in the Small, Medium, and Large account segments by country - How do i derive Sales Revenue Targets? Or is Initial Account Sales Target the same thing as Sales Revenue target? I am so consufed with all this naming convention too.

Third (in the Check your Build) - I am asked to verify that the Total sales target for the country and the Total sales targets for small, medium, and large segments are equal values - I dont get what and what am I comparing for equlity?

Is this wrong or right for User Story 1.6?


  • Hi,

    Final Accounts Sales Targets and Sales Revenue Targets are the same thing.

    On check your build task is to check your module totals against previous module where you are taking the values to confirm that totals of these modules match.

  • Hi,

    @sdavidko@ciena.com here in 1.6 user story RSE gets Final Account Sales Targets aggregated for each country’s small, medium and large segments..

    2. for second you need to input details from previous user stories .please refer 1.4-1.5

    3.This is not for equality . This is to cross verify TST for country wise and segment wise.