How to change date format during a module export.


During a module export I want to change the date format into a fixed format instead.

Currently, the date format is exported as per the system's date/time settings.

Is there a way where I can change the date format so that it remains the same across regions in the csv export.

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  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hey @kevinsanghoi ,

    You would have to create a fake time list and map it into the Anaplan time. Once done, you need to recreate the module with that fake time dimensionality rather than time.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez


  • Hi @kevinsanghoi

    When data is exported out of Anaplan in csv format, it doesn't have any control on what date format gets generated in excel.

    I'd advise to configure excel date settings in a format you need so that Anaplan export always gives you the same format.


  • Hey @BrunoRodriguez , I believe that creating a fake time list would help but replacing the time list with the time dimension in module would result in me losing the current data loaded in Anaplan. Is there a workaround such that I don't loose the current data and the time list is updated as a dimension.

    Thanks !

  • Hi @Himanshu1998 , Configuring the date format will not work in my scenario as there are NUX users from across the world in different regions.

    Thanks !!

  • Hi @kevinsanghoi

    Yes, understood. I also had to go through the above and had to ask different users to update their excel settings.

    For Bruno's solution, you'd need to copy your real time modules with fake time dimensions and pull the data in those fake time modules through a formula from real time modules. Then you can take out export out of that fake time module


  • Thanks @BrunoRodriguez, Creating a new Time list and mapping it with Time Dimension works.