Are there API tos create (define?) a file in Anaplan, prior to external upload


I am building an integration in Boomi to move data into Anaplan via Boomi's dedicated Connectores (or by API calls).

Per Boomi Connector:
Note: To upload a file, it must already exist in Anaplan. If you did not previously upload the file to Anaplan, you can use the web-based application to complete this step. You can then use the connector to complete subsequent uploads.


  • StevenBeerthuizen
    edited April 2023

    I am not sure what the exact question is, but to be able to use an API to upload a file you first need to make the import definition in Anaplan by doing the upload manually once. After that you can use the API.

  • Steven, you answered my question. I had been hoping that all could be accomplished via an API call.