Absolute value on List

Hi Community,

I would like to inquire something to make absolute value on a module with specific list members only.So the requirement is that the COS and Admin list members will be alsolute value. see below.

Blueprint view:

only the highlighted items should have an absolute value. the columns are the line item and the row is a list.

Any idea on how this is done? Any suggestions is welcomed.




  • Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,

    I believe simpler solution is to use a boolean linitem ("Absolute Items?") dimensioned by the list, where you enable TRUE for admin and COS list items. And then using IF THEN ELSE upon this boolean check, modify the formulae slightly for each lineitem.
    Ex: IF SYS <List Name>.Absolute Items? THEN ABS(Actual-Budget) ELSE Actual-Budget


  • Hi @AjayM ,

    Thank you for your insights. it actually make sense with the boolean. it is going to be selective. But the user need to maintain the boolean in case they want to select more List Names to be absolute.

    Just an inquiry.

    Appreciate your help again.


  • That's right. You can either make it user controlled or admin controlled (to follow user's request). Since this doesn't change often, I don't think you need to publish it on UX page.