Very big difference in Process execution time and component action execution times


Probably this is the wrong place to ask this question, so apologies in advance.

In one of our models the total execution time of a process was 3000 seconds, and if we look at the component actions and their execution time, the total was less than 1500 seconds.

Any idea on where these extra "magical" 1500 seconds were consumed?


  • Hello @isaacprasanthK ,

    When a process is affecting a threshold of cells, a copy of the model is automatically done in the background. It seems like due to the time your process is taking that could be the case. If you were to split it in different process you should be able to find that sweet spot to recover those 1500 seconds.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • The times for actions included inside the process do not include time spent waiting to get access to models or retrieving source data (especially if from another model/workspace). There is an initial check to make sure the process can be run by the user with the parameters provided, and between that and each action other model activity can interleave.