Creating Fuzzy Matching functionality in Anaplan


Hi all Anaplanners,

Does anyone have any insights in build the fuzzy matching functionality inside of Anaplan to identify the likelihood of duplicated strings ( company name, rep name, etc)? Alteryx have the fuzzy matching functionality and that's pretty much what I want to replicate inside Anaplan as well.



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  • pyrypeura
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    Agree with @andrewtye !

    In theory you could try to do for example Jaro algorithm to calculate similiraties of text items but that wouldn't really be something where Anaplan is at it's best.


  • Hi @jimfeng5

    Can you not pass the data back from Alteryx - afterall right tool, right job.

    IMO data should be coming out of transactional systems as clean as possible afterall you're just storing up problems for later down the line if it isn't.

  • Yeah that is exactly what I do now in alteryx. This is more like a mini project I am exploring for fun (no life!). Thanks for replying @andrewtye @pyrypeura