L3 User Story 1.4 Steps


I am unclear about the process for creating the modules for User Story(US) 1.4. On the surface this seems to be the exact process for the previous US where we combined Accounts and Product, except now we're combining Accounts and Territories.

Where I'm confused is how we process the G3T Territory data. Since a territory list does not exist in the L2 Data Hub (as opposed to the previous excericise where all dimensions existed in the Data Hub), are we supposed to take the Territory data from the L3 Sales Planning Model and import into Data Hub, combine it the same way we combined the Account and Product data for User Story 1.3, then import the new code back into the L3 Sales Planning Model?

I also thought that maybe we simply create the new codes in the L3 model since there is a line item in SYS05 called "code to use", but this seems counter intunitive to me as it feels as though I'm creating new structural data in a spoke model rather than the data hub.




  • Hi @jzink1211,

    Create a module in the Datahub model(to import this module in the Sales planning list) with the account list as a dimension and create some line items which can hold the data for Territory with the file CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv.

    Once you load the data in the module use this module to import the list in sales planning G4T list.

    Hope this helps.

    Attahcing file screenshot for your reference.