How to fill a line item recursively



I have one module where one of the line items is my inventory amount and on the columns I have a list where I put diferent fiscal years (note that I cannot use the formula PREVIOUS() because this module is not connected with Time, and I can't connect it either).

So my list is composed by: FY22, FY23, FY24, FY25, FY26, FY27, FY28

The module has the line item "Inventory amount" and "Inventory increase" with the FY list as columns.

The idea is that FY22 is an input, but from FY23 to the end of the FY list it should be a calc doind the inventory amount from last year times the inventory increase on FY23.

How can I do that?

Print as example, FY24 being calculated with amount from FY23 and increase from FY24:

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @PauloM

    In that case, you'd need to make a copy of this module with real time,

    1. Pull the increase % value in real time module from fake time module using mapping
    2. Using previous function, calculate the inventory amount in real time module
    3. Pull inventory amount from real time to fake time module using mapping



  • @PauloM

    Instead of using a custom list for the years, why not use a time range or the native Time calendar, with a format of Year? This will allow you to use native time functions like Previous() which would make this much easier to accomplish.

  • PauloM

    I can't use the time because the columns are in fact different versions from forecast, actuals and predicts, so I couldn't really use the built-in time and versions, this is also related to other modules that I have, not only this one, so I can't really use it, I need to keep using the list.