Setting a Date formatted line item to Blank


I am trying the following.

Not sure if the issue is that the Date format items can´t be blank or something on my formula

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @JosAngel94

    The issue is in "Status = Rejected". It should be Status = "Submission Status".Rejected.

    It should refer the list item from your list



  • @Himanshu1998

    Hello Again,

    I tried your way and got the following message :

    Circular references: Rep has too many account assignments, Current Assignment Start Date, A4 Account Assignments: Edits Approval Status, Audit Log Submission Filter, User Employee Cancel or Confirm Staging 2, Rep has too much net sales, Pending Account Net Sales, DB Filter, Rejected, Potential Account Net Sales, Active Account Assignments, Account Assignment Max # Staging, Potential Account Net, A4 Account Assignments: Edits Status 2, A4 Account FindItem for Account Assignment DCA, Delete Pending Account Assignments, Approved Account Assignments, Current Rep, Start Date, Reps are missing account assignments, A4 Edited End Date, A4 Account Assignments FNB, Active Account Net, A4 Account Assignments: Status 2, INP/ACC02 - Confirm, Pending Account Assignments, Staging - Remove From Subset?, L5 Accounts: Remove or Confirm, Rep will exceed maximum # accounts, Status, Active?, Total Active Net Sales, CF - Current Status, Approved, Rejected Account Assignments, INP/EMP01 - Unassign All Accounts, Pending Account Net, CF - Assign, Pre-Approval, Users Mapping, Potential Account Assignments, A4 Account Assignments, A4 Account Assignments: Status Change, CF - Error Message, A4 Account Assignment End Date, A4 Account Assignment: By Status, Reps do not have enough net sales, Message, # Accounts Gained/Lost, Rep does not have enough net sales, L5 - Active: Unassigned Accounts, Active Account Net Sales, # Active Accounts, Pending Accounts, L5 Account for Account Overlap, Confirm:, User Employee Cancel Or Confrim, A2 Employee Text, User Employee Staging 4, Delete Removed Rep?, Violates Rule?, Account Net Gained/Lost, Rep does not have enough account assignments, INP/ACC01 - Can Assign, Reps have too many account assignments, Reps have too much net sales, A4 Account Assignments Edits: Approval Status, Assignment overlaps with another rep, A2 Employees: in Account Assignment, Approved Account Net, Error Message, Mail, Pending Account Assignment Edits, Approved Accounts, CF - Confirm, A4 Account Assignments: Approval Status, Pending, Rejected Account Assignment Edits

    HEre is the formula Itried:
    IF Status = Submission Status.Rejected Then Blank Else 'A4 Account Assignments'.Start Date

    I also tried this one :

    But got the same error. I remember trying this one yesterday but I can´t recall getting this huge mistake message.

  • Hi @JosAngel94

    It seems that the formula is correct but you are getting circular references error. You'd need to check the line items you are referring in the formula and the line item in which you are applying the formula to resolve this.