How to reorder a list automatically?



How to reorder a list based on a property?

I've got some lists that are very long. I'm only able to reorder them via the Order List action using their Display Name provided that the Display Name is a text format. What I've done so far is create a module and get the list's Display Name and sorted the module via the basic sort Ascending. Then used this line item for the Order List action. This works fine for those lists that have Display Name in text format.

However, there are some lists, even though they are using Display Name but they are not in text format but rather an another list format, which are numbered list. And if it's the case, it is not available to select for the Order List action. It is hard to reorder the list in that way alphabetically since though they are numbered sequentially at the backend, their display names are not alphabetically arranged.

I'm thinking I can download them and put in the text sequentially back into Anaplan, but that would not be dynamic. I am using scheduled actions to load numbered lists every day, and it would be hard to maintain if I keep on downloading the list to excel, reordering them there, and numbering them there as well sequentially, then finally inputting them into the module so I can just reorder the list again.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you!

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  • rob_marshall


    You can do this when the Display Name is list formatted because you can do a lookup on the Display to a module having the Applies To of that list. For example:

    I have a list of Employee's rolling up to Managers:

    E1 Managers
    E2 Employees

    where both are numbered lists and the Display Name is list formatted to Employee Flat. Employee Flat is a numbered list with the Display Name being Text formatted.

    In SYS Employee Flat, create a line item for your sort, call the line item Sort. In order to sort the E2 Employee's, create a module SYS E2 Employees and a line item named Sort. The formula for this Sort line item will be: SYS Employee Flat[lookup: 'E2 Employees.Display Name].

    Now you can do your sort on E2 Employees.

  • jspascual
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    Awesome. Worked like magic!

    Thanks, didn't think about it.