Level 3 - Sprint 1 - UX


  1. Is the Regional Sales Exective supposed ot have access to US and Canada only? No Mexico and Brazil?
  2. As I regional sales executve, should i only show US when a product family is selected? Like your screen shot shows only US - is this just for demo purposes or I should really only be showing US.
  3. Is my UX looking correct or am I way off?

Please only straigh forward answers.

my view as a Regional Sales Executive

training view:


  • You are on the right approach for the US, but we have to show all the countries not only just Canada and US

  • @rishi8118 - Thank you. I asked because the User Expereince Checklist says this:

    Can the end user see the previous year actual sales revenue, initial Country Sales
    Target, and the amount increased for each country they manage?

    This leads me to believe that the end user/Regional Sales Exective shall only have access to specific countries.