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Hi all,

How can I use the Time dimension in Anaplan to calculate my factory's production capacity for a given month, taking into account the different number of shifts worked on weekdays versus weekends? I want to calculate the production capacity as follows:

Production capacity = (Number of working days in the month * Number of shifts on weekdays) + (Number of working weekends in the month * Number of shifts on weekends) * Number of working hours per shift * Number of machines * TRS.

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  • rishi8118
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    Hi @SAtrane,

    1. If you keep the formula the same it will work i.e. NOT (WEEKDAY(Days) = 6 OR WEEKDAY(Days) = 7 OR Holidays) OR Worked On weekends because here we are including if the person has worked on weekends or not.
    2. I have made changes as per the French calender. Hope that helps
    3. You can do the same just by ticking the following line item: Worked On weekends It will get updated automatically as per the formula. Also, update the formula for the Number of working weekends in the month: IF Worked On weekends THEN 1 ELSE 0. The numbers will be updated.

    Below is the module with Lineitem, format and formula Time scale is Day


    Line Item



    Working Week Days


    NOT (WEEKDAY(Days) = 6 OR WEEKDAY(Days) = 7 OR Holidays) OR Worked On weekends

    Worked On weekends


    Number of working weekends in the month


    IF Worked On weekends THEN 1 ELSE 0

    Number of working days in the month


    IF Working Week Days THEN 1 ELSE 0









    IF WeekDay = 1 THEN "lundi" ELSE IF WeekDay = 2 THEN "mardi" ELSE IF WeekDay = 3 THEN "mercredi" ELSE IF WeekDay = 4 THEN "jeudi" ELSE IF WeekDay = 5 THEN "vendredi" ELSE IF WeekDay = 6 THEN "samedi" ELSE "dimanche"



    Working Dates


    IF Working Week Days THEN Days ELSE BLANK


  • I would suggest using two different modules.

    1. To input the required details with time summary as Day.

    2. To Perform the calculation with time summary as Month.

    In the first Module, No of Working Days in a Month, No. of working weekends in a Month can be calculated at the day level.

    These values can then be brought to the second module at the monthly level and be used for Calculation. The no of modules may differ as well based on the approach taken.

  • Neyla

    hi @rishi8118

    Thank you for responding, but could you provide more explanation? I didn't quite understand your previous answer.

  • Hi, @SAtrane Please find below the screenshot of both modules.

    1. Time Filter. Check the Time Scale for both the model


    Please let me know if anything needs to be added or did I understand your requirement right.

  • Neyla
    edited April 2023

    Hi @rishi8118

    I appreciate your previous answer, which was very helpful. However, I have a question and I would appreciate your assistance with it.

    the number of weekend days in the month. However, I need to be able to choose whether or not to work on a particular weekend day. Therefore, I would like to modify the formula so that the number of working weekend days in the month only includes the weekends on which I am working can you plz help me with that?

    thanks in advance.

  • Neyla

    Hi @rishi8118

    Thank you for being so responsive, and for providing me with such pertinent answers, i i appreciate it.