Source Model usecase

I have actions(imports data from different model) mapped to model which was deleted last month.But the action is still running fine without any error and updating target modules.

Instead of deleted model we have new model which has same structure as old.

In source model I can still see old model name and mapped too column blank and also source import Data source tab is showing old model name.

What could be the reason for running process with out error for above scenario.

Please guide

Best Answer

  • Hello @AnujTiwari ,

    That is it then. As it is mapped, it will continue to work. This happens often once models are deleted.

    The data you are getting is from the new model, so everything should be OK moving forward.



  • Hello @AnujTiwari ,

    Is the action/process running and updating the data or just running?


  • Hi @brunoRodriquez ,

    Yes the action is updating data in target models

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hello @AnujTiwari ,

    If you edit the source in source models, does it map automatically to the new model or does it map to the old one? Click edit, not just look at the default data.


  • Hello @Bruno

    Yes its mapping to new model as old model is deleted