Filter on the line with a module which have different dimension



In a module i have to filter a line with boolean line from another module but both modules have different dimension. in Target module we concatinate 3 attribute, but in source module(where the boolean is) we are using a list with only one attribute. Systen is unable to identify the line. need a formula for filtered value so thaxt if the boolean is checked then the amount should be 0.

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @Aditya1993 ,

    Against the target module's dimension, you should be able to identify corresponding source module dimension item - since it's part of the concatenated attributes. In other words, B3282 should be easily found from B3282_D_80005_2023.12…. list item. With a simple LOOKUP on this extracted source list item, you can fetch the boolean from source module to target module , and then use it as the filter.


    You can now use 'Selected Source Item?' as your filter.

    Note: To identify source list portion, I simply extracted first character of target list item. In your case, try to put more efficient formula (ex: identify first underscore "_" and extract the string before that underscore position). This should depend on your source list items and the separator of your attributes.



  • Hi @Aditya1993 ,

    Lets assume Module 1 is the module where you have used the concatenated list and module 2 is the moduel used for single list.

    Below are the steps I would follow to filter in module 1 driven by module 2:

    1. Extract the single list from the concatenation list in to a line item(text formatted) . Ex : B3282 in a line item .
    2. Create line item Module 2 list (list formatted - list used in module 2) Derive the list from this text format line item using Finditem.
    3. Create Boolean line item in both modules. In module 1 it will be formula driven and in module 2 it will be input field.
    4. Formula for boolean line item in module 1 = Boolean from module 2.[Lookup: Module 2 list]
    5. You can use this boolean for filter in module 1 and inputs will be driven by other module.

    Let me know if you have further doubts.

    Hope this helps!



  • Thank you so much for the help. :)

  • @Aditya1993

    Also, you really need to take the Time Period out of your list. Check out this article…