Send notifications to specific people


Hello all,

I have a form that requests a new FTE for a Cost center. Once I've entered all the details (Salary, Shift, etc.), I want to send it off for approvals. It should go to my Cost center's manager first, then to the Dept Head.

Is there a button or action I could create as a developer that will allow the user to select the people she wants to send to? Or maybe have a prepopulated list depending on the Cost Center selected?

Appreciate the help!


  • Hi @Depakk,

    Yes you can achieve that in NUX App. Add a Action Card , Goto Action » » Got to Create » Select Notification where you will need to add details for Notification message and Recipients accordingly.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi @Arnab116

    Yes, I tried this method. The issue is that the Action button is preprogrammed to just those people. I'm hoping to find a way where the user can change who the email goes to, or can pick from a list..

  • Hi @DeepakK ,

    Then you can use the "Mail To" function which can be used from module and also can make the send to option dynamic by using some drive line item.

  • @Arnab116

    I tried to use the Driver Line Item. But when the condition is true, it greys out the Notify box. Not sure what is happening here. I was hoping it would go the other way.

    Do you have an example of how you've used it in the past?