Composite List Hierarchy not syncing to production


Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue syncing a composite hierarchy from development to production.

Below is the list hierarchy structure example:-

GL1 Level1(structural list)

GL2 Level2 (structural list)

GL3 Level3 (numbered list)

GL4 Level4 (numbered list)

After syncing to PROD the lists items does not sync.

Please does anyone know the likely issue for this and any workaround to resolve this.


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  • AjayM
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    I believe your expectation is to find list items from DEV to appear in the PROD model after syncing?
    If all the hierarchy lists are set as production lists, you will be able to sync only the structure of the lists and not the list items. Since list items are production data, they won't reflect in your deployed model (unless you make a fresh copy of DEV and then set the copied model to deployed state).

    For your PROD, ideally, you will have to create an import mechanism (modules, saved views and actions) to import list items at each level from another source like HUB. Or you can use FORMs to allow user to add list items from UX.


  • Monpero
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    Hi @AjayM thank you very much for the reply. Yes the hierarchy lists are set as production lists.

    I went to the "Import Data Sources" to upload the file from there for the data module list and then run the process created for importing the composite hierarchy list. So it worked.

    Thank you very much for the AWESOME reply it helped me resolve the issue.