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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a good trick to get the left indent on the rows in UX grids to go all the way to the left. I just can't get it to move over there, especially when I use a hierarchy. It's taking up a lot of space and makes the whole dashboard look bad.

I've tried:

  1. I Show/ Hide only the level I want to see.
  2. I created a Boolean variable in Properties module and use that instead of Show/Hide.
  3. I've seen a solution to make the rows bigger in format so that the names wrap.

None of these options do much. Sometimes I get it but I can't replicate it later. See screenshot (so much space wasted on left and it cuts off the Names)

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @DeepakK ,

    That space is due to the summaries within the dimension that you have in the rows, which will guide the eyes to understand their level. Unfortunately, there is no way to hide that space by default. However, you can apply either of the following two options:

    1. Create a line item with the code of the list in the rows and drag the row headers line towards the left in order to hide all the names.
    2. Map the dimension in the rows with a list without summaries (parents). This option is not that good as it will get complicated to differentiate the summaries for the actual data.

    I hope it makes sense.

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez


  • @BrunoRodriguez

    Ok, I've used that first option. It's not my favorite since I'm taking away the native rows but it works.

    Hopefully Anaplan can do something about this in future upgrades. I've seen other requests for the indents and column resizing to be more exact. I saw it got a lot of upvotes from our community.


  • Hello @DeepakK ,

    I agree…, but it is what we have. I could suggest adding conditional formatting to show the summaries. It could add some value.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Yes, I formatted just that column as a different color so we can see a difference

  • Lolen

    Thanks for the support and advice

  • Hello @DeepakK, @Lolen, @BrunoRodriguez
    Here's my solution:
    You can sort the dimension according to the value of a line. This will eliminate the indentation (partially or totally, you'll have to play with it),

    Then, to improve the display, you can color-format according to the hierarchical level.

  • sophie33
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    Gratitude for the assistance and guidance.

  • louiedavis12
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