Not Understanding Results of SELECT formula. Line Item for All List Items Set to TRUE.


Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help! I have attached a image showing a replica of the list/module that I am working with that shows fake data.

I came across an existing module in our build, I am having trouble understanding what is actually happening when one of the booleans under the "Include" line item is selected?

Another team member was trying to explain this to me, but I was not wrapping my head around it. If I understood their explanation correctly, the SELECT formula is actually looking at the Top Level for each of the list items and finding that the Top Level is the same for all of them. This results in marking all the booleans as TRUE for the corresponding line item for all list items when "Include" is set to TRUE for that list item? What is also confusing about this is that if I remove the Top Level from the list, the module acts the same with the exception of not showing "All Stores".

If that is the case, I am still having trouble understanding what part of the formula is stating that it is actually looking for the Top Level of the list? I am unsure on what is actually causing all the booleans under "Store 1?" to be set to TRUE when the boolean for "Include' for list item "Store 1" is checked?

Thanks again for any help, I really appreciate it!


  • HimanshuRaj
    edited April 2023

    Hi Nick

    Your select formula is not looking at the top level of the list item. Below is what your formula is doing
    In "Store 2" line item for example, your formula is picking up "Include" line item value but only for "Store 2" list item
    And this is making all checkboxes true for "store 2" line item.

    Essentially, if I am marking true against store 2 in "Include", then I want my "store 2" line item to be true for whole list

    Important: Using select is not a recommended way in a formula if this is going to be a production list


  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply @Himanshu1998!

    I understand now that the formula is looking for the value for the "Include" line item for the particular list item, and the value for "Include" is then being assigned all list items for that line item. It is also assigning that value to the Top Level line item since the value for Top Level is actually a list item as well.

    I was hoping you could also clarify one more question. When I set "Include" as TRUE for any of the list items, the Top Level also gets set to TRUE. I was hoping you would be able to explain the logic behind this? The intersection I am looking at is in GREEN in the attached screenshot. Is this because if a single list item is TRUE, Anaplan will then roll up to the Top Level list item being TRUE?

    Thank you again for your help! I was really struggling with this and your explanation was very clear!

  • Hi @NickUrbanski , Glad to see that my answer helped

    Your top level is getting TRUE because you've set your summary to "Any" . This summary means if any boolean for that line item is set to TRUE then Summary will also be TRUE. You can adjust your summary according to your need.

    Hope this clarifies. Cheers!!