Can any tell me what is the correct answer to below formulas




    As per the details provided,

    I took the below line items:

    Confirmed PO Delivery, PO Submitted, Final Shipping Time Weeks, Confirmed PO Receipt, Final Shipping Amount. Each one of them had a format as a number and a time period as a month.

    if we take the below data set and apply the formula as mentioned by you,

    Formula for Confirmed PO Delivery: OFFSET(PO Submitted, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0)

    Formula for Confirmed PO Receipt : IF Confirmed PO Delivery > 0 THEN OFFSET(Final Shipping Amount, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0) ELSE 0

    We get the below result.

    Can you please provide an example to understand the above problem and help with the required answer.