While running an actions,How can we get warningsRowCount/CreateCount/UpdateCount Errors in anaplan?


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I have created an batch script to upload file to the Anaplan, Once batch process completed i will get an Reconcile report (Attached Screenshot below):

HierarchyName to CreatedCount fields are standard in Every Reconcile report.

Wanted to know when we get "WarningRowCount/CreatedCount/UpdateCounts" are created? or which scenario we will get these errors ?, Any comments/Answers would be very Appreciated.

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Sivaprasad Peram

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  • Venki9902
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    I have never to get to use these properties in Anaplan script.but below mentioned example help you in understading the uses.

    Let's say you have a module that calculates the revenue for each product in your company, and you want to monitor the warnings generated during the calculation process. You can create a warningsCreateCount line item in the module to track the warnings, and use conditional formatting to highlight the warnings that need your attention.

    The warningRowCount property can be accessed through the Anaplan API or Anaplan Connect, and can be used to monitor the quality of data being imported or exported. By checking the warningRowCount property after each data import/export, users can identify potential data quality issues and take corrective action before the data is used for further analysis or processing.

    warningUpdateCount issimiler to the warningRowCount

    Hope this helps.