How does using DCA impact model performance?


I am working on a solution where usage of DCA might come in handy for a clean end user experience.

For eg: In an input grid, there are two mandatory fields that needs to be populated before the end user can tick a boolean and run an action.

OPTION 1: Using a DCA to enable or disable the boolean based on whether the input fields have been populated or not will be an smooth way to control the required inputs.

OPTION 2: No DCA to be used and if the end user does not populate one of the mandatory fields, and still ticks the boolean, we show an error message with some conditional formatting on mandatory fields to indicate that this is needed before the action can be run.

My question is does the DCA option (Option 1) impact model performance?

Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    I would go with Option 1 as the performance impact is not any different than creating another line item and having it reference the two input fields.