Notification Sent to Multiple Users

I have a quick in regards to notifications sent in the UX. It seem as though the max number of people that can be added to a notification is 19. Is that the aboslute max from Anaplan or does anyone know of a way that number can be increased? Plesae see the screenshot for reference.


  • Hello @wbroughton ,

    That is interesting. 19 seems an odd number for a limit defined by Anaplan.

    Do you have more users in your model? or it be perhaps limited by characters? If you try smaller emails, is it still limited to 19?

    I like the email functionality, but it still have many flaws…


  • Hi @wbroughton ,

    20 is the recipient limit when you choose to assign recipients via "specific people". Check this link please.


  • Hey @AjayM ,

    Any idea if they are planning on increasing it?


  • Not sure Bruno. I couldn't find any relevant idea/request either on the community.