Sending data from Anaplan through Informatica



I have an export action which is exporting a list. I want to send this list data to informatica. I have mapped this list columns to columns of a table in informatica. However the job is failing with below error.

[ERROR] Error occurred while reading data from the target native system : [com.informatica.cci.runtime.internal.utils.impl.CExceptionImpl: Unable to get result data: Adapter Call method has returned failure. AnaplanV2ActionsDataAdapter::validateAction: separator cannot be null or empty]

Any guidance on this?


  • Hi @shubhamrawat ,

    It is possible that the data file being used in the workflow does not have a valid separator value specified or that the separator value is not being passed correctly to the adapter call.

    Please check the separator mentioned is valid or not.

    Hope this helps.