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Hello all,

Hopefully this is a quick solution.

I'm looking for a way to sort the Users list based ontheir Read/Write properties.

Example: I have 25 users that have Write access to different cost centers. They should be ordered based on Center alphabetically.

Is this possible?

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  • BrunoRodriguez

    Hello @DeepakK,

    1. Create a module dimensioned by Users and use a saved view with a line item that contains the name of the users into a new list "Fake Users". Use the action to repopulate the list with new users as the model evolves.
    2. Create a module dimensioned by the "Fake users" and make a find item of the native Users.
    3. Create your Read / Write access in a module dimensioned by "Fake Users".
    4. What you are going to sort is the "Fake Users" list, not the native list of users.

    That is how theoretically you could make it happen, but I do not really know whether this is useful for the real application of this - which will come from step 4.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez


  • @DeepakK

    I don't believe that is possible as the Users list can't be sorted.

  • @rob_marshall

    Oh no, that's tough news☹️.

    We're having a hard time going through our user list and we want to add many more(100+).

    Do you have recommendations on how to filter or search through the list? I know there is a Find function but any other ideas?

    Appreciate your help.

  • BrunoRodriguez
    edited April 2023

    Hello @DeepakK ,

    @rob_marshall , would it work if they create a Fake User list and map the users with the Fake User list?

    The new list should be text and sortable.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez

    I was thinking of that and it might be a good idea, but the maintenance might be a bear if new lists require selective access.

    But yes, a good thought and then have an action writing into the Users list.

  • Ok, let me try this out.

    1) I should make a Fake Users list. This will have all the users and their emails imported in. Email = Code

    2)Then I can have a module with their Read / Write access as line items. Then I can have a sort order setup for them.

    3) I create an Action that writes back the Users and their Sort order to the main User list?

  • For maintenance I would also suggest having a cloudworks job to be scheduled once a day updating the Fake users list by adding new users and deleting the deleted users daily. This would make the maintenance easier as fake user list would be updated regularly. Also process could be published to dashboard in case of a mid day refresh is going to needed.

  • Hello @BrunoRodriguez @pyrypeura

    This solution is working well enough. I created a module with teh Fake Users list that we can use in a dashboard and also have a Action to write back the permissions to the native Users list.

    1. I can't do more than one choice. I have a Center Write that allows users to control more than one center. When I try to write that back, it won't allow it. My module line item is text formatted.
    2. Do you know a way to prevent emails from being sent for new users? Or is that a requirement when they get access to a model?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi,

    When importin selective accesses Anaplan accepts only one access per column per row. To get order this you would need to have multiple rows so each user/cost center combination would be in it's own row.

    Examples on import based security are built in these two models available in App Hub:

  • For the emails there is nothing we can do regarding those.

  • Thanks for the help everyone. I got a working solution for now. Hopefully, Anaplan finds an easy way for us to add multiple Selective Access.

    Appreciate all the responses.