Split table on two pages in management report


I am creating a management report and want to show a slide/page with a table. Is there any way to split the table (either manually or automatically) on several pages/slides if the table is too large for one page?

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @samdal ,

    Except for the orientation (to switch to portrait if already on landscape), there is no other direct way to enlarge the grid and show more number of records on the report.

    Alternatively, you might define different record count filter to show viewable number of rows on each page, where each page observes different filter value (ex: page1 to show records 1 to 200, page 2 to show records 201 to 400 etc)

    Hope you have noticed the below too, while editing the grid card:



  • samdal

    Thanks, I will try a record count filter.

  • Also if you're trying to display a large volume of information as a table is Management Reporting really the right mechanism for the job? Wouldn't worksheet be a better choice.

    You can also change the font size which does help a little bit plus change the size of the "page" to maybe A3, etc…