How to create Module for List

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I want to migrate DBs to UX pages and in DBs there are Hierarchical DBs so to create UX pages for that Heirarchical list i have to create modules. so my question is when i am going to create module so in list there is one parent item and another one is child Item, i created one module but when i saw there is no info for parent item and i want that info, so how can i get that data?

Please give me a Solution on this.


  • AjayM

    Hi @Gauri ,

    Please refer below link before taking next step with migration, if you haven't yet:

    I can't think of any cases where you have to modify the formula just because you are migrating from classic to UX. Anaplan UX provides more flexibility besides visualization, which translates to the possibility that you might need lesser number of pages (compared to dashboards). Please plan for an effective migration considering the capabilities of UX.

    To your question, when there is data at child level, we can view parent level information when we change summary from NONE to something that suits your need. Check the lineitem's summary settings please in your new module.


  • Gauri

    Hi Ajay,

    thank you for your answer!!

    I already tried to change summary but its not work. any other option on it?

  • AjayM

    Please clarify if you want to display just the hierarchy of the list, or anything more about the list items.
    If you are trying to display the list as a hierarchy, you can publish a module dimensioned by that list and hide the lineitems, so the tree view of the list will be visible on the UX.

  • And, if you need to show the parent/child relationship in each row/record, you can always create a line item. This post discusses how to do that. Also below is the link to Anapedia.

    Good luck!


  • Gauri

    Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for your help.

    The information is really helpful