Activity 11.3.2 Import data into P&L Actual & Budget


Hi Community Members,

I have been trying to import data into the DATA01 P&L Actual & Budget Module but getting an error. Same error for activity 8.5.3 (Invalid format YYYYMM)

 I have also checked the Example and follow the same but no success.

 Please see my mapping screenshots, errors and suggest me the best solution.


  • Hey!

    Are you using this mapping for time?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hey @BrunoRodriguez

    I am using the same Mapping for time. Still issue is coming, Can you please help?

    Thanks in Advance!!

  • AjayM

    Hi @amangoyal ,

    Though the format YYYYMM should work just fine, for the given csv file, I got curious with the first image. Why do you have 2023 in your model calendar for level 1 course? Can you please correct the time calendar, and retry?


  • Hello @AjayM,

    Thanks for the help!!.

    It is working. But only for FY2019 data has been updated.For future years it is not showing and error is coming as Invalid format YYYYMM. Will it load only FY2019 data, Is it correct?

  • Hello @AjayM,

    Thanks for the help!!.

    It is workingfine. In the time setting we need to set future years as 2, it did it 0 by mistake so it takes only FY2019. Now I have changes it is working fine.