Bring a value based on summary method


I am trying to create a line item where I specify which product was sold the most by each of my sales reps.

Rep and Product are lists on my model.

I have a module called "Sales history" where I have the sales of each rep for each product.

I want to have a module where I can select a rep and the line item (let's call it "Most sold") shows which product the rep sold the most.

Can you help me?
Thank you


  • AjayM
    edited April 2023

    Hi @Brfonseca ,

    In the 'Sales History' module, define a numeric lineitem to rank the lineitem, that has got sales data, in descending order, and create a view to show only that product for which, rank =1. That should show, for each Rep, the top most sold product.

    Note: Ranking should not need time dimension. If the 'sales history' module is time dimensioned, please define a new module without time, but with only rep and product, to achieve the filtering.

    Hope this solves your ask.