New Page Builder interface could use some work


Anyone else caught a bit off guard by the new page builder/app interface that was rolled out this morning? Seems a bit clunky. Everywhere you click on the page expands or collapses a section, except for the left-side quick access panel which can't be collapsed or expanded. It's also difficult to distinguish the section headers, as their font size is smaller than their underlying pages for some reason.

Just seems like these updates were somewhat unnecessary and not an improvement over the old interface. Already I've had users from three different customers ask if there's a way to revert to the old view.

Hopefully the design team is planning to clean this up and make it look at bit more professional in the coming weeks. Right now it seems very "prototype"-ish.


  • It sort of lessens the impact of being able to see those pages that are attached to archived models - which is particularly handy.

  • dennyp

    Hey @DavidEdwards you read my mind! not a fan of these changes at all. The blue banner at the top with the description was really good in my opinion. The app description is nowhere to be found now. The category pane needs to be fixed somehow, I can't read any of them without hovering over it. There's also way too much space between the pages, requiring a lot of scrolling.

  • Looks like someone has been paying attention (or released something not quite right) but it's back to how it looked before, but have lost the knowing the pages attached to archived models piece.

  • @andrewtye Yep, must've had second thoughts on the design, or the design wasn't supposed to be part of the upgrade. Hopefully the archived page feature comes back soon!

  • Ugh. The bad interface is back. Not sure why this keeps getting published at random times, but there need to be some better controls on Anaplan's development team so this stops happening: