Update Time range in dropdown to start from FY10 instead of FY15


Hello All, I have a "Time Range Question". I have a Schedule below that in the dropdown starts with FY15, but we need it adjusted to start with FY10. Would anyone know how I should go about making that change.

Sidenote: In the 2nd screenshot below, our partners included a time range in order to increase the years through FY40, but I didn't see an option there that would allow me to go back 5 years. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hello @wbroughton ,

    you just need to create a time range starting in FY10. The range allows in the drop-down menus is defined by the existing time ranges and the native anaplan time period.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hey @wbroughton ,

    None of your start periods start in FY10. The earliest you have is FY14, IRR Periods.

    You can create a 'Historical Periods" Time range that starts Jan 2010 and runs through 2023

  • Thanks everyone! I was able to resolve it. Appreciate all of the help!