Manual Entry for Cells

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Hello, I have a question in regards to manual entries in a schedule. I have a schedule below and for the three highlighted line items, users should be able to enter manual entries but they are not.

Can anyone provide guidance on how I would go about unlocking these cells for line items so they can be editable?



  • Amaya

    Hello. @wbroughton

    I can't tell from this screen alone, but there are two main possibilities I can think of.

    1. you are trying to enter data into a summary item.
      →For example, the time dimension is Month, but you are trying to enter it in a Quarter cell. You are trying to enter the dimension list into a summary (parent) item, instead of a detail item.
    2. if a formula is set in the line Item
      →You cannot enter data into a line item where a formula is defined. Please check if the formula scope is appropriate to allow input according to the version.

    Another possible case is that a DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) is set for the line item.

    Please let us know if this helps.
    (It may be difficult to get answers as this is a Japanese community. If the problem persists, please also post in another discussion).