4.5.1 Activity: Rename Organization List, what to do:



I am trying do the the Model 1 Lesson 4 but I am stuck.

4.5.1. In the model you are building, click the Lists icon on the model settings bar to open the General Lists tab. This allows you to see all of the Lists included in the model. 

When a new model is created, the Organization list is created by default. 

  • This list cannot be deleted from the model.

Instead, we will re-purpose this default list as a category "dummy list" to help organize the lists in the model. 

To update the list name, double-click on the Organization list name in the General Lists screen, then type the new name: 

  •  List Name: ---Geo Hierarchy---

In the Top Level column for the ---Geo Hierarchy--- list, delete the default data.

Ok now my question, according , I need to list as a dummy list but I dont understand that.

However, changing organization list name, it seems easy.

I added pictures of how must be according to anaplan and my status.

What I need to do, please. Do I need to delete all lists and just left the Geo Hierarchy? I mean all info of G1 G2 G3, Producs, departaments and employees? I am confuse it.


  • Hi @AlvaroGM ,

    No you should not delete any G1 G2 G3, Producs, departments and employees lists.
    Instead of that open  ---Geo Hierarchy--- list and check if there is any data or list members present under it.
    If there is a members in  ---Geo Hierarchy--- then delete that data.

    To answer other question dummy list is used to organize the lists, so that you can easily find the relevant list.

    Hope this answer is helpful.



  • I have the same issue as described for Alvaro.

    I did not find any data to delete in Geo Hierarchy and no way to categorize as dummy list.

    Is there any video showing it?