Level 3 Model Building 1.7-1.10 (Data Verification)



While working through L3, I noticed that sales targets for small, medium, and large segments do not match the example accross all countries, yet my totals for all segments for all countries do align. I'm thinking I applied some sort of calculation while building, but I'm not sure what could be changing the sales targets for each country segments, while still maintaining the correct total.

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  • jzink1211
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    Nvm. I figured it out. I was pulling from the Initial Sales when I should have been pulling from final sales.


  • Hi - Could you share the blueprint view of your module?

  • @bhatjaved Absolutely! I'm also including a SS of my Initial Account Sales Targets in TAR01 which matched the example from the training.

    TAR04 Account Segment by Country (blueprint)

    TAR01: Initial Account Sales Target