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Hello Everyone,

I would like to understand the process of Anaplan connect.

  1. For example: I will define the export action in Anaplan connect and it will export the file in some local folder based on schedule (daily basis). Will Anaplan connect overwrite the csv file in the folder everyday or a new version of the file is created everyday with date and timestamp
  2. When I define the import action in anaplan connect and scheduled it on daily basis, how will the business know that this import has been successful? What are the possibilities to inform the business about success / failure / errors?

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  • Venki9902
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    Hi @Swarupa_1 ,

    To answer your questions, there are a few possibilities:
    1.1 If you are exporting a file without a timestamp then the file will get overwritten.
    1.2 if you are file does not have a timestamp and still do not want to overwrite your file then as soon as the file downloads in the local folder rename it using your script.
    2.1You can create a log file using Anaplan Connect then you can check the status of your import action.

    you can use the code below to get the running status of the action in the log file.

    Rem creating log file

    set logfile="E:\Anaplan_Connect\Log\Statuslog_%day%_%month%_%year%_%hour%.txt"

    Rem get the execution details in the log file

    cmd /c %Command1% >> %logfile%

    Hope this helps :).