Aggregation of values based on the same list values


Both has same dimesion . now where ever the alternative the should be input by user and default is calculated based on then alternative i means . if alternatives have 20 and 30 the default should be 20+30-100. if mean default is 100. when ever they enter the aternatives default should be minus from them


  • Hi @kishoreanimi

    1. Create a DCA for second module based on logic from 1st module that if "alternative" is selected then write access else only read access. This will lock % line items in 2nd module which has "Default" populated in 1st module
    2. Apply formula in 2nd module in a different line items using IF… ELSE… statement (If 1st module.line item 1 = default then line item 2 + line item 3 - line item 1 else if 1st module.line item 2 = default then line item 1 + line item 3 - line item 2 else if ….. same for 3rd condition…. else 0).
    3. In 2nd module, Import these 3 newly created line item values in original 3 line items that had DCA applied.


  • Followed another approach & got it . Thanks for your support