Automatic import of failure dump

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I have an action that imports data from excel into Anaplan. When the data fails to load, it is due to a missing list item (a project). When the items fail, I would like to extract the failure dump, and import those projects into another table, which heads off an import action that brings these missing projects into the list pending a review.

Is there any way to automatically publish the failure dump of an import, to a table in Anaplan?

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @howens21 ,

    You may try the below steps to achieve what you need:

    1. Import projects from excel into a staging list, let's call it 'STG Projects'
    2. You can import remaining data of these projects from same excel into a module dimensioned by 'STG Projects', lets call the module as 'STG Import Project Data'
    3. Use 'FindItem' to identify existing projects within this module, and create a saved view to import data into your actual target module for the existing projects
    4. The reverse of Finditem function (where it returns FALSE) gives you list of non-existing projects
    5. Create a saved view for these new projects, and create an import action to load these new projects into your desired target module/list

    Hope this helps!



  • This changes the end user experience a little, but I like the idea of the user having a "test import" step. This would force them to further assess the import before uploading. Thanks for giving it some thought!